STructural Services

Initial Site Inspections and Renovation Advice

Renovation advice such as onsite wall removal or extensions which involve modifications to existing roof framing or wall layout.

House Raising and Build Under

Engineering to suit “Lift up - Build Under” type of construction for Queenslander and timber framed post-war style homes. Strengthening existing bearers or joists to suit new column layouts down stairs.


Detailed design of carports to suit multiple options such as roof pitch, sheet or tiled roofs and preferred column layouts.

Deck Extensions

Detailed design of deck extensions that not only factor in vertical loads but also lateral bracing requirements.

New Home Builds

Detailed structural design and documentation for all elements relating to a new home build such as, but not limited to:

  • Footing design

  • Wall framing including wind beams

  • Wall bracing to suit horizontal loading

  • Suspended floor framing - timber or steel

  • Suspended concrete slabs

  • Roof framing and tie down

  • Fly over roofs

  • Signage


Residential Footing Design

A Range of footing design options to suit different site conditions and reactivity outlined in geotechnical reports - such as but not limited to:

  • Raft Slabs

  • Strip Footings

  • Waffle Pods

  • Piered foundations to suit poor bearing pressures

  • Pad footings or bored piers to suit vertical or horizontal loads

Retaining Walls

Detailed structural design and documentation for block work walls up to 3.2m high depending on geotechnical site conditions.

Form 15’s

Certification of structural drawings to ensure design compliance to Australian standards.

Form 16’s

Certification of structural inspections to ensure construction has satisfied design intent and standard industry practice.



All structural advice comes from an RPEQ - A Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland.